PIPPI JOHNSON * Hanging by a Thread

Thursday, May 16. 7:30 - 9:30PM Artist in attendance! Show runs until May 31.

What the artist has to say

“We live in a rainbow of chaos” ..Cezanne

I have lived for all my summers on Treaty Island, Lake of the Woods. Away from all cars, buses and people I draw spiritual strength and ideas about design from the changing forms of sky, forests, and the wide expanses of water. The presence of a white winter eight months of the year has jolts me into using color as a primary image. I work surrounded by the very image I paint.

These paintings are worked in alcohol ink and mixed media on yupo paper. After working in inks, pencil, pastels and paint are used to bring focus and clarity. The paper is adhered to boards or canvas and completed with a coating of resin epoxy to give depth and glow.

This series began as pure abstraction based on a meandering tread. Living in nature, year after year it becomes clear, that We are only here by a tread…anything can change in our lives, but, nothing changes in nature . The tread of life slips in and out of colours and forms…and suddenly., there is a bird, a forest creature.

We are with them. Hanging by a thread