Fall Artist Show: Nicola Coady, September 9

“I paint Wildlife Art using paper.  I am inspired by the beauty of the animals and landscape around me.  I find all the different animals fascinating and inspiring and I enjoy every opportunity I have to learn more about them.

Each painting generally focuses on one or two types of animals.  I try to capture some of the beauty of the animal while also showing some of its behaviours.  


These paintings are often inspired by my travels, visits to local parks or wildlife around my home.  Occasionally I also paint places that I would like to eventually visit.  The places I want to visit may be brought to my attention by trips my friends have made, or because of something I’ve read or seen on T.V.  I’m sure my husband David is sorry about the Christmas he bought me the B.B.C. series The Blue Planet as my list of places I “must see” has become very lengthy.”

—Nicola Coady